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Greg Melick is a Hobart based Senior Counsel who practices nationally and was a Principal Crown Counsel and then a Partner in a Hobart firm before going to the bar in 1996.

He is a former Statutory Member of the National Crime Authority and the NSW Casino Control Authority and is currently a part time Deputy President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Chief Commissioner of the Tasmanian Integrity Commission and Council Member of the Australian War Memorial.

He has conducted numerous investigations including the Beaconsfield mine collapse, match fixing in international cricket and the Covid outbreak in North West Tasmania.

He served for 52 years in the Army Reserve, retiring as a Major General and has a very large disorganized library.

Session overview:

How COVID19 has changed the way law is practiced.

This session will discuss:

Examples of appearing remotely before courts and tribunals (as party or tribunal member) and associated issues including;

  • Telephone hearing with 7000 pages of evidence.
  • Difficulties when applicant in gaol or detention centre.
  • Issues of attempting to determine credit.
  • Issues of having paper work with all the parties whereas in live hearing can be tendered and passed around.