Tips for writing your conference abstract

Getting your ideas down on paper and forming them into an abstract can be tough. To help you turn that fantastic idea into a conference presentation here are some tips!

Tip No 1: Remember the theme

The theme for the conference is THE NEW NORMAL. Our sub-themes are as follows:

– Post COVID considerations
– Where to from here?
– How have things changed?

Tip No 2: Think carefully about the format of your presentation

The conference committee is looking for papers and presentations in a range of formats. Think about what you want to share and how to best get that across. Is your idea best suited to a 20-minute presentation? Do you want to share multiple perspectives with a panel discussion? Is it a hands on workshop? Can you capture your message in a digital poster? Is it a quick lightning talk?

Tip No 3: Not sure? Phone a friend!

If you’re thinking about submitting an abstract bouncing an idea off someone can be invaluable. Talk over the idea and structure of the presentation with a colleague or another member of the Association. They can help you to flesh out your idea and give you a more confident and complete abstract.

Tip No 4: Make sure it matches the criteria!

Don’t let the criteria scare you off, it’s here to help you. Be sure to review the criteria carefully.

Tip No 5: Don’t be late!

Submissions close at 5.00pm (AEST) on Sunday, 1 May 2022. All abstracts must be submitted via the abstract submission portal.

Make sure you aren’t late!

Still not sure? Take a look at this fantastic collection of TED Talks to get pumped!

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